Soothing Lotion for Eczema

Finding an eczema soothing lotion that will not aggravate a case of eczema can be a nightmare because any product has the potential to cause eczema to become red and raw.  This is best to be avoided, especially as the itching can cause sleepless nights and the sight of aggravated eczema can cause embarrassment and self consciousness.  Soothing lotions, emollients and barrier creams can all help relieve the itching and calm down the redness that can appear.  After bathing, a mild moisturizing lotion should be used to hydrate the surface of the skin before using lubricant or barrier cream to protect the affected area. 

There are many lotions suitable for eczema sufferers; some include well known brands like Nivea or Dove, others are medicated and can be quite expensive while even more are cheap, convenient emollients that are traditionally used to treat skin conditions such as diaper rash and cradle cap in babies.  Eczema lotions that are mild enough for a child’s skin can work wonders for adult eczema sufferers.  The fewer ingredients and the milder the concoction the better; perfumes, harsh chemicals and certain herbal ingredients are well known to irritate already sensitive skin.  Again, it all depends on the individual as different people have different triggers so it can be a good idea to perform patch tests whenever necessary.

How Harsh Lotions can Trigger Eczema

Eczema can be triggered by a number of causes, skin care, diet, even how clothes are laundered.  Many people are aggravated by eczema because they use harsh eczema lotions that contain fragranced ingredients while others find that their condition is triggered by certain foods.  While hypoallergenic products are suitable for the skin, harsh lotions tend to aggravate the itchiness caused by eczema.  Many everyday products such as lotions can have detrimental effects on conditions such as eczema and it can often be necessary for sufferers to use plain water and emollients as much as possible.

Finding out which lotions have triggered and worsened a skin condition such as eczema can involve the complete cessation of use of all lotions.  Introducing a lotion back into a routine every week can limit the damage the help the sufferer decide exactly what is causing the problem.  Most lotions are too harsh for those suffering from eczema and should be avoided at all costs as they can lead to severe itching and eventually sores.  Avoiding certain harsh ingredients and scented, over drying lotions could help to still the problems that arise in eczema sufferers.