What Causes Eczema And How To Control It

Eczema is a skin condition of which there is no known single cause. Some researchers have linked what causes eczema to genes but there is no solid evidence yet that this may be so. Although, they say that the tendency to get eczema is hereditary.

The symptoms of eczema are dry, itchy skin and inflamed skin. The itching could lead to more complicated skin conditions especially in children who can not control themselves from scratching. Areas that are scratched can develop into wounds and may even be infected if scratched with dirty hands.

What Cause Eczema to Flare Up

What causes eczema may be unknown but the triggers of it are very well known. A flare up is often caused by our immune system suddenly reacting to changes in the environment or emotional triggers such as stress. What causes eczema flare ups can be avoided at times but generally these can happen any time and anywhere.

Flare ups are generally caused by changes in temperature and humidity. What causes eczema to act up is the air that may be too hot or too cool. Humidity is also a big factor to eczema flare ups. The other irritants in the air can also contribute to an eczema flare up so basically, there is no escaping this kind of eruption.

Other factors to what causes eczema to start are chemical irritants and physical irritants. Chemical irritants may be household cleansers, paint strippers, perfumes, alcohol, pesticides and other stuff. The smell or contact with the fumes of these may trigger an eczema episode. Physical irritants include scratchy clothes, wool and other abnormalities in the clothes or blankets used.

What causes eczema to flare up may also be a person’s allergies to dust, pollen or mold. These allergies trigger a reaction which can in turn cause eczema in an eczema prone individual. Emotional stress can also trigger eczema along with an infection which the person may have at any point in his life. What causes eczema flare ups in individuals who are prone to eczema are the environmental and environmental triggers which we encounter everyday.

Individuals prone to eczema should take good care of their skin and always apply creams and lotions to guarantee that their skin stay moisturized. You might also try other herbal remedies like emu oil or virgin coconut oil as itch relief or for inflammation relief. Using mild and hypoallergenic laundry and bath soaps can also help reduce the flare ups of eczema.