Knowing What Is Eczema Will Help In Getting It Under Control

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Skin E Dip Large Jar

Knowing about what is eczema is certainly helpful in understanding the disease and thus make it possible to deal with it in an effective manner. One need to know about what is eczema because it occurs in different forms and there are a number of varieties that need to be learnt up; though it is safe to say that the most common form is a condition called atopic dermatitis which is supposed to affect, it is believed, as many as ten to twenty percent of the population of the world. Such an eczema condition is believed to be relapsing and also very itchy in that it causes a great deal of discomfort, especially during childhood years. One bright spot on an otherwise gloomy horizon is that as the child grows older, the situation will gradually fade away.
Fifteen Million Affected Persons

There are, it is believed, according to information given by National Institutes of Health or NIH that approximately fifteen million Americans are sufferers of eczema and of these, an estimated ten to twenty percent toddlers have an eczema problem though the good news is that more than half of such toddlers will get well again and are rid of the disease sooner or later. Thus, one must is aware of what is eczema as it helps in caring for children affected by the disease in a better and also safer manner.

Another aspect to knowing what is eczema is that the disease is not the same in any two instances though its characteristics are generally unchanged which includes red, dry as well as irritated patches on the patient’s skin, and such a disease is often described as an itch that may then turn to a rash. Another point worth noting regarding what is eczema is that it does not remain in any one part of the body and in the case of toddlers it will appear on legs, head, neck, cheeks as also forehead, and with advancing age it can affect the neck, face, ankles, knees and also the elbows. One must take care of this disease which can, if allowed to remain infected long enough, turn to a festering wound which may even start to ooze.

Thus, knowing what is eczema will help in taking steps to remedy the situation and a few simple measures should help in this regard including not being exposed to sudden changes in climate, avoiding to sweat intensively, moisturizing in a regular way, not using harsh detergents and solvent and not being too stressed out while also taking care with the type of food consumed, some of which can cause an outbreak of eczema.