All About The Many Known Different Types Of Eczema

Among the different types of eczema known to us is one called atopic dermatitis which affects the skin and that too for a considerable period of time, and it is a disease that can be categorized as being hereditary being found to run in families. A patient with such a disease will find his or her skin becoming inflamed and also itchy along with redness, crusting, swelling, weeping and also some cracking and there is also scaling. This type of eczema affects young children as well as infants the most though it has also been found to affect adults as well.

Seborrheic Eczema, And More

Another one of the types of eczema is the one known as seborrheic eczema whose causes are as yet unknown though its characteristics include yellow, oily as well as scaly patches of skin that is present on the face, scalp and maybe even on other body parts as well. And, in the same vein is another one of the many types of eczema that is known as contact eczema whose main characteristics are itching, redness and some burning as well and which is caused by local reactions to when the skin comes into contact with allergens or irritants. Yet another variant in the many different types of eczema is one that is called Neurodermatitis that is a local itching with scaly skin patches appearing on the head, wrists, and lower legs as well as on forearms and this condition can lead to extreme irritation which gets worse when you scratch it.

There is one more different type of eczema that should be mentioned and that is the one known as dyshidrotic eczema which, when it affects a person, will cause clear as well as deep blistering that will be very itchy and also give a burning sensation, and this types of eczema is nothing but irritated skin especially on a person’s palms and also soles of feet. And, one should not forget one more different type of eczema and that is statis dermatitis that is yet another skin irritation that occurs on lower parts of the legs and is a result of problems with circulation of blood.

Finally, one should also mention nummular eczema that is one more from among the many different types of eczema that appears as a coin shaped patch that appear on the irritated skin, and which is mostly known to occur on the person’s back, arms, buttocks as well as lower legs in which there is bound to be scaling, crustiness and also a lot of itchiness.