The Soothing Effects of an Eczema Lotion

A typical eczema lotion acts in a number of ways. It has an instant effect of soothing inflamed skin, while helping to keep the area hydrated as well. The cooling effect offers considerable relief to mental distress, and the formulation, unlike a cream, is easy to spread evenly over a relatively large surface of skin. Some lotions may also contain active ingredients which aid in the healing of damaged skin, and which act decisively against pathogens that cause eruptions and irritation. Each lotion has specific ingredients and modes of action, information on which should be included on labels and packing inserts of products with regulatory approval.

You can feel the effects of an eczema lotion almost immediately. Not everyone in acute discomfort has the time to read all about how a product is made, or what it does, so it is best to merely follow a prescription, or to heed the advice of a pharmacist. You are likely to feel some of the benefits even before you finish applying the lotion all over an affected area, since eczema is often accompanied by small breaks in the skin, which are not visible to the naked eye. Lotions prescribed by pediatricians are especially handy in curbing the agony of a child troubled by eczema.

How to Get the Most from an Eczema Lotion

Combating stress will go a long way in helping an eczema lotion produce lasting relief. Most of the ingredients in a lotion will dry away or break down some time after application, and severe worry about any matter could lead to new eruptions and another bout of itching. Skin is vibrant tissue, with new cells being formed all the time, while old skin is gradually cast off, so the layer on which a lotion is applied, does not remain in place for long. Eczema is also possible due to reasons other than stress, but not fretting about the condition helps in building lasting relief. Care givers should work towards distracting infants and children from the discomforts of eczema, so that they can recover faster.

Though ease of application is a common feature of every eczema lotion, the degree and duration of effects will depend on the specific ingredients. It is common to use a combination of therapies to manage eczema. A lotion may be used merely to provide a temporary cooling or healing effect on injured skin, while steroids are used for inflammation, or antibiotics are deployed to bring infections under control, or histamines are used to control allergic reactions. Doctors may also try phototherapy in combination with a lotion to manage some cases of persistent eczema.