Know The Differences Between Eczema Or Psoriasis To Avoid Confusion

There is a lot of discomfort felt whenever a person suffers from skin problems which make it very important to be able to identify each different type that in turn means getting your doctor to diagnose your condition and provide advice on how to treat it. In addition, you will also need to know about your particular skin condition to be sure whether it is eczema or psoriasis because the two can often are easily confused.

Both Terms Are Derived From Greek Language

Perhaps, the only thing that one can say is common in either eczema or psoriasis is that they are both terms that are derived from Greek language while eczema means boiling over, psoriasis on the other hand means ‘to itch’. There are plenty of other differences between eczema or psoriasis not least of which is the age bracket in which either diseases affects patients, and in the case of psoriasis, the disease affects adults the most while eczema is known to affect children the most.

There is also differences in causes as far as eczema or psoriasis is concerned, and eczema is often caused by skin irritants especially products that have high concentration of strong chemicals which are present in perfumes, detergents and also some harsh cosmetics. Psoriasis, on the other hand is linked to genetics more than it is to irritants in the environment. Nevertheless, in either eczema or psoriasis there is similarity in the appearance of the affected parts though there are also some differences as well.

Another common attribute found in either eczema or psoriasis is that both conditions haven’t any exact curable methods known to us as yet, though there are plenty of treatments available to help provide relief from symptoms. And, in the case of eczema, the symptoms are not so severe whereas for psoriasis the symptoms may adversely affect body joints and some of the symptoms are pretty much like those of an arthritis disease.

Whatever differences and similarities that one knows about with regard to eczema or psoriasis, there is no better method of being sure about these two diseases than to consult with a doctor in order to have the proper diagnosis and treatment method recommended. This is necessary because when the skin is affected by either eczema or psoriasis, there are many similarities that can cause confusion and which can only be sorted out by getting the disease diagnosed by qualified medical professionals. In any case, when considering whether a condition is eczema or psoriasis, you can be sure that with eczema there is scaly flaking which may even result in the skin starting to bleed, which will not usually be the case with psoriasis.