Kinds Of Herbal Treatment For Eczema

Eczema is a skin condition where severe itching and inflammation of the skin are prevalent. The root cause of eczema is actually unknown although some factors are known to aggravate it. Children are among the victims of eczema although adult also suffer from this. Itchiness is one common symptom of eczema along with inflammation of the skin. Another symptom of eczema is dry skin. In children, creases along the elbow bend and knee bend are commonplaces where you can find eczema.

One of the more popular ways of treating this skin condition may be the herbal treatment for eczema. Although, there are numerous other medicines and topical creams and lotions that can be used to treat eczema many people opt to try the herbal treatment for eczema.

Herbal Treatment for Eczema

Among the many kinds of treatment for this skin condition are changes in lifestyle, medication and surgery or other medical procedures. Herbal treatment for eczema is also gaining a large following because it boasts of all natural ways to manage the skin condition. Some herbal treatment for eczema requires the regular application of organic or herbal creams and other moisturizers which are hypoallergenic to keep the skin generally well moisturized.

Another herbal treatment for eczema is to apply either emu oil or tea tree oil on the inflamed skin several times a day. Both these oils are very good at relieving the dry itchy skin but generally do not really get rid of the eczema but just makes the symptom go away. More herbal treatment for eczema includes evening primrose oil which is rich in omega 6 essential fatty acids. This works at keeping the skin from drying up and keeping the inflammation well in check. This herbal treatment for eczema come sin either liquid form or capsules and needs to be ingested to be effective.

Neem is also a very good herbal treatment for eczema. It acts as a blood purifier and does clear up the dryness and inflammation of eczema. It is a tree most commonly found in India and other parts of the tropics. Ingestion of Neem in the form of capsules or the application of it directly on the skin can alleviate eczema. Virgin coconut oil can also relieve the symptoms of eczema. The oil is rubbed on the itchy portion of the skin and its relief is almost palpable.

The described herbal treatment for eczema above is all of the natural kind and many are not approved by the FDA. Some do not even declare that they can cure eczema and have issued disclaimers. It is best to try what works for you and stick with it.