Genital Psoriasis – A Very Discomforting Condition

You really don’t want to get genital psoriasis as it is a condition that causes a great deal of discomfort in that the skin begins to flake away and withers up. The reason for such a condition would most probably be due to lack of moisture and to cure the condition would obviously require replenishing the natural moisture of the body. If something is not done fast to treat such a condition, there would be a lot of discomfort because the skin around the genital area is very sensitive.

Treat Like For Dry Scalp

Skin specialists even recommend treating genital psoriasis in the same manner as is the case with dry scalp. You should consider using medicated and special shampoos such as those used in treating dry scalp. Ideally, you can use it when showering when you should apply it for about ten minutes and then rinse it off. Another possible solution would be to use cortisone cream as also anti-itch creams.

And, for even more relief from genital psoriasis, you should take to wearing clothes that are loose and choose cottons that are especially gentle on the skin. Sometimes, your genital psoriasis condition may even be due to fungal infections and in such instances, an anti-fungal cream may be required to be used twice daily and also it may supplement other genital psoriasis treatment. Even taking vitamins A and E have been shown to be effective in treating genital psoriasis, while acupuncture too has been used in some cases. However, such treatments do not have any scientific backing though people that have used them will not want to use another treatment method.

It is also quite possible that genital psoriasis may disappear on its own while in some instances it could prove to be especially stubborn to treat. Your own emotional condition and also stress levels can play an important role in how well your health keeps. To get best results from your genital psoriasis treatment, it is also necessary that you live life without stress and also eat healthy foods.

Needless to say, there are many genital psoriasis treatments available and it is very necessary for patients to first consult their doctor before trying any solution. Some of the treatments may prove effective while others may not, and there are also those which are known to interfere with whatever ongoing treatment you may be taking otherwise.

One of the oldest genital psoriasis treatments is garlic powder that has been in use since the times of the Egyptians way back in 1550 BC since it helps white blood cells in fighting off infections which is why it is especially suitable for genital psoriasis.