Facts Related To What Nummular Eczema Is And How To Treat It

It is believed that the skin disease known as eczema can be due to it running in families and the reasons why it affects most other people is because of stress as well as due to coming into contact with some chemicals and maybe even a few allergens. The root of the word nummular is Latin and is derived from the word nummus that really means a small coin. Thus, the reason why this particular form of eczema has been named nummular eczema is because it appears in to be a patch that has a striking resemblance to a coin and which is a skin disorder that is related to allergies which results in very itchy patches of skin.

Also Known As Nummular Dermatitis

It is quite common to notice nummular eczema patches on a person’s arms, buttocks, back, as well as on the lower portion of his or her legs and will generally are crusts that are also very itchy. Nummular eczema is sometimes also referred to as nummular dermatitis and it is a condition that usually is chronic and which will recur and it can be caused because of being exposed to environmental irritants and also because of changes in temperature, while stress can also cause the condition to worsen. However, nobody is really quite sure as to what the exact causes of nummular eczema are though it is quite uncommon a disease that occurs most often in men who are quite old as well.

Normally, the symptoms of nummular eczema include itchiness as well as having skin lesions forming that look like pustules or even patches and there is also sure to be scaly skin as well as redness and maybe even inflammations. The diagnosis of this disease is based on how the skin looks as well as on a person’s personal as well as family history, and sometimes it may call for a skin biopsy to be performed so that other conditions that may appear to be the same as for this disease can safely are excluded.

As, mentioned what causes this disease is yet not known and so treatment is usually aimed at providing relief from the main symptoms that include itchiness and also burning and use of topical treatments is quite common when treating nummular eczema. Treatments may also include use of soothing lotions as well as soaps and even application of wet dressings. Sometimes, there may even is used antipruritic lotions or even topical steroids which should soothe the dry, scaly as well as all those parts that are not so acute. In the chronic areas, the treatment could include ointments or even creams that have tar content or even which have corticosteroids that are known to be very effective in lubricating and also making the skin softer.

The bottom line is that nummular eczema is chronic though it may easily is controlled through getting the right treatment, though there is some possibility of certain secondary complications arising. However, the disease cannot be prevented and the best you can do is to avoid environmental irritants and any other factors that may aggravate the condition.