The Effectiveness of Eczema Medicine

Eczema is a skin condition where the skin is itchy and inflamed. The cause of eczema is not really known but the factors that add to the skin condition are very common. Some people have who have moderate to severe eczema may need eczema medicine to get through the pain and the agony or it. There are many herbal treatments and natural home remedies that may help alleviate the symptoms of eczema but in some cases, eczema medicine is necessary to treat it.

Eczema medicine is really more of a controlling agent or factor that helps to manage the skin condition as it flares up. There is no known cure for eczema as yet so we can only control and manage it by avoiding triggers and applying creams and lotion on our skin even if it does not act up.

Several Kinds of Eczema Medicine

There are several kinds of eczema medicine which doctors may prescribe or recommend to those who suffer from eczema. Most of the eczema medicine is just to soothe the dry inflamed skin and can not really cure eczema. When eczema is not acting up, it is still best to use creams which do not aggravate your skin. These should be applied not more than 3 minutes after bathing and regularly throughout the day.

Steroid creams are the primary eczema medicine used to control and manage eczema when it flares up. As soon as the eczema starts getting worse, apply the cream on the area regularly throughout the day avoiding the face and the diaper area. These are sensitive area which may need only Hydrocortisone cream. If the eczema is really bad, steroid ointments can be used although doctors recommend using this sparingly.

Other than eczema medicine, there are other alternatives to controlling eczema such as avoiding triggers of the condition. Avoid eating foods that may trigger this. Foods such as fish, cow’s milk, eggs and some others can trigger eczema. Using harsh soaps to wash your body and also soaps to do your clothes’ laundry can trigger eczema. Exposure to dry air, too much heat or cold can trigger eczema so be sure to bring along the creams and ointments you needs when traveling or taking a vacation.

Taking antihistamine can also relieve the symptoms of itching and inflammation of eczema. Although not really a usual eczema medicine, antihistamine is known to alleviate the symptoms of eczema. The important eczema medicine is steroid cream and ointments which can really control and manage the condition. The only problems with these are their possible side effects which can also be scary.