Symptoms Eczema Sufferers Can Develop

Eczema has been often referred to by those in the medical field as “the itch that rashes.”  It is not only uncomfortable, but it can become unsightly in severe cases or without the proper medical treatment.  Suffers of eczema  symptoms can vary from mild to very severe.

One of the first symptoms is a profound itching.  It is later that the eczema symptoms of rash appear.  It is flaky and patchy to begin or it appears as dry, scaly skin on an inflamed and red skin.  This rash begins to itch until it burns.  Suffers of this symptom often scratch at it which causes it to become oozy and develop a crust.  This is especially true for young children.

When an adult is suffering symptoms the patches appear to be thick, brown and scaly.  There are those people whose eczema symptom includes developing either clear, fluid filled bumps that will appear bubbly, or they can develop red bumps.  When they are scratched they add looking wet to the rest of its appearance.  If not taken care of properly and promptly, it can cause your skin to crack over a period of time.

Where Are Rashes Located

Symptoms can appear on almost any part of the body.  It is most commonly found on the face, and this is not an area where you want your eczema symptoms.  Other areas that the rashes can be found are on the legs and arms and especially in the creases on your feet and hands.  It is believed that the reason for this pattern of eczema symptoms is because the extremities and the face are in contact most with outside forces in contrast with the other parts of the body.  Sometimes the eczema symptom of itching can be so bad that it interferes with you getting a good night’s sleep.

When To Seek Medical Help

If you find that your symptoms are not getting any better, in fact they may be getting worse, by feeling hot and painful, redness that increases and it seems to be spreading further, that is the time you should seek help from the medical community for your eczema symptoms.  If you have tried over the counter remedies and they have not put a dent in your eczema symptoms, make an appointment to see a dermatologist.

Usual symptoms of eczema is not usually an emergency visit to the hospital, unless of course it has become so irritated, that it is now becoming infected.  Other serious eczema symptoms to on the look out for are fever, red streaks originating at the rash, or if the rash feels painful, hot or red.

Eczema can be treated with a variety of shampoos, lotions and sometimes oral medications.  If the over the counters don’t work for you, head to a doctor before your eczema symptoms become any worse.